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Hey, everyone! I now blog over at

I've had a ton of fun and made so many new friends here as Cats & Cardigans. I'm so grateful for your support and kind words over the last few years.  I hope we can keep the party going over at MC!

See you soon!

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I feel your love falling all around me

oxford flats: target; jeans: ae; horse button-up/bangles: c/o wizards of the west; vest: buckle
Freaking A, a blouse with horses on it!  And not only horses, horses with English saddles on them.  Be still my heart, I flipped out when I saw it.  I love clothes with animals on them.  I was sent this top and bracelet set by the new online boutique Wizards of the West and I am so impressed with their quality.  They have tons of cute stuff, so definitely check them out!


- We still love the bike trailer we got for Joony! I've been out for a couple rides with him (I even attached it to my bike on my own and impressed myself) to get groceries and be out of the house for a bit.  I can already tell it's going to get a ton of use this summer.

- Joony has started mimicking gestures big time and it is so funny.  Sticking his tongue out, waving, patting his head.  He also comes "sprinting" (crawling as fast as he can while panting loudly) when he hears something interesting happening in a different room than he's in.

- I left for a run last night as a grumpy lady and came home with a happy running high to find a tidy kitchen and front room, a tall glass of ice water, and a slice of chocolate cake. +1 for David.

- You know those zits that brew deep underground in your face for like a week before they show their evil selves and it's painful and terrible? (Gross, I know, sorrynotsorry)  I've had TWO of those in the last week or so.  Awful.  My skin needs to get her act together.

P.S. OK, this is my last post as C&C...tomorrow we switch, and just in time for my birthday, WAHOO!


Mom has a fat back

boots: target; dress: c/o downeast; belt: forever 21; necklace: nikki lorraine

Over the weekend, David and I got a little guest nook all ready in our third bedroom.  We've never had this much space before and I'm really excited about it.  The room is David's office, so we had to do a little rearranging, but the twin bed we got fits in there nicely.  We have a lot of visitors coming this month (I'M SO HAPPY IT'S JUNE!) and I've been excitedly planning what treats I'll leave on the pillow, what meals I'll cook, what activities we can do with our guests.  It's going to be great.

Last night, I was getting the bed all made while David and Joony flew their remote control helicopter around the room.  I was on my hand and knees, tucking sheets into the far corner, when David said, "Wow, Joony, our biggest landing pad yet!" Thinking he meant the bed (obviously), I said, "I'll be done in a sec and you can land!"  David replied, "No, stay where you are, we're landing on your back!"...and then laughed at his own joke for a couple minutes.  Nice one, ha ha, Mom has a fat back.

P.S. Did you win the Shabby Apple giveaway? I've updated the original post with a winner!
P.P.S. Mom Clothes update: We'll be making the switch soon, promise! I'm excited to show you what I've been working on.


Even if I tried

sneaks: vans; jeans: target; blouse: rue21; cardi: h&m
A few things about this outfit:
1. There is something about a tidy ponytail and a shirt tied at the waist that felt so summery to me.  And then it rained, but still.  I felt ready for it should the sun have decided to come out.
2. I have very few clothing items left over from high school, but these Vans are one of the things that have stood the test of time (although the laces went missing somewhere along the way).  I don't wear them often, but when I do, it feels so right!
3. If you notice a cray receding hairline, well then let's just give a big shout out to postpartum hair loss, which is still rearing its ugly head at 14 months.  Luckily my little boo has a full head of thick, curly, blonde hair, and I'm perfectly happy letting him have the good hair in the family for a while.
4. These jeans have the weirdest fit.  Did anyone else get them from Target? On me, the waist is tight, the bum is a little saggy, and then the calves are super narrow.  Do I just have a chubby tummy, no butt, and muscular thick calves?  Actually, don't answer that ::cries in corner::.
5. I just switched over to cloth diapers, and I'm excited about it.  That Joon bum looks dang cute in an orange dipe! (This doesn't have to do with this outfit, but I felt it was noteworthy)
6. On the day I wore this, David ordered a burger from our local hipster burger joint.  He got it without cheese (he's suuupes allergic), but they forgot and put cheese on anyways.  When he took it back, they gave him a free order of fries along with the new, cheese-less burger!  So that was exciting, AND we split one of those blood orange Pellegrinos and decided the lemon ones are still the best.


when you scan the radio, I hope this song will guide you home

shoes: gift; pants: target; tee: old navy; jacket: american eagle; necklace: world market

That jacket again? And that necklace? YES I WEAR THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER.
I love blue. I think it would be fun to have one of those monochromatic wardrobes, all in blue.

Sometimes I grab disposable cameras while I'm waiting to be rung up at Target, and then I carry them around with me for months, slowly snapping the pictures here and there.  It's so much fun to get them developed and see what was on there.  I just got a roll developed, and of course, it's all Joony save for one picture.  I love how they turned out, though!  Here are a couple favorites:
Just loving life after buying pillows and Dr. Pepper at the Wal Marts (IHATEWALMART).
Passed out (Look at those lips! Straight off his Dad's face. I love 'em).
Toast is stupid.
The only non-Joony picture and it turned out all right!
And just for fun...