Today was excellent for the following reasons:
1.) i had a job interview at the diamond gallery, and they're offering me a full-time position. that's right, i'm about to be YOUR expert in diamonds. i'm pretty excited.
2.) i went grocery shopping and bought those popsicle maker things, you know, where you pour the juice in a freeze it and it has the little handle on it? and it was only a couple dollars. exciting stuff.
3.) dave and i got an REI gift card as a wedding present, so we were pretty excited to get on-line and start checking out snowboarding gear. i've got my fingers crossed on flow bindings this year, and dave ended up finding a helmet that he really liked. we had to measure the circumference of his dome, and all we have is a measuring tape. i think we almost broke the thing in half trying to get it to bend around dave's (23 inch) head and then they ended up not even having his size. he's ordering some sweet boots instead right now.
4.) we made an awesome asian noodle salad together for dinner, and then made these frozen chocolate banana things for dessert that we haven't eaten yet. and we're renting Blast from the Past in just a little bit. excellent date night.
5.) my FABBY mother e-mailed me this video today, and i was laughing REALLY hard. it got a chuckle out of dave, but nothing compared to the cackling it induced in me. i'm posting it here mainly because i know michelle will laugh as hard as i did, and i'm hoping someone else might, too. let me know.
6.) MY MOM AND MICHELLE GET HERE IN JUST A FEW DAYS!! this is great because they are both on my Top 5 List of Favorite People in the World (the other people being my dad, my husband, and a space i leave a mystery so that other people's feelings don't get hurt).

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