la vida marriage

10 things i've learned about since my marriage on august 2:
1.) Kinoki foot pads. These things are gross. Apparently, you just stick them to the bottoms of your feet while you sleep and they suck toxins out of your body. We did them 2 nights ago...and the next morning they were green and grey and they STUNK. Is it a hoax? We're on the fence. My mom says it's for real and we're disgusting, toxin-filled swine. We'll try it again tonight.
2.) Windsor, CA=no man's land
3.) SleepAid. Dave snores, so... we got these nose strips that you stick on each side of your nose. Turns out all it's doing is pulling your nostrils apart so your nose sucks more air in. I happen to have swelling in the nasal region from surgery a year or so ago, and i'm breathing better with those things than i have in like 14 months. groovy.
4.) Air conditioners are apparently impossible to install "the right way." I didn't actually do this myself, but my dad did. It took him all day, with a little assistance from dave.
5.) Don't mess around with sunburns. This story has 2 parts. Part I: occurred on my wedding day. On my back. And it was HORRID. Part II: happened whilst we were on the lake, on the fronts of my shoulders. Equally horrific. i'm thinking about moving to Alaska to teach english post-graduation. not really.
6.) Georgia is way cooler than you may initially think. I, for instance, didn't initially think it was going to be that cool. However, it was. And i have some pretty incredible in-laws.
7.) www.craigslist.com is not a very reliable place to job hunt. Unfortunately, it's looking like i may actually have to leave the apartment and interact with humans face-to-face. Not looking forward to that tomorrow.
8.) It's pretty much impossible to avoid everyone's "sly" innuendo about us 'doing it' as newlyweds. So that's been really fun...and by 'fun' here i mean 'awkward.'
9.)Certain things that people will say about living with a boy are just not true. Dave does not smell bad, he does quite a bit of the laundry around here, and never hesitates to help out in the kitchen. Maybe all of this will wear off. Or, maybe my husband is better than everyone else's. I knew it.
10.) Picking out plants for the apartment is a lot bigger task than it may appear to be at first. My mom and i spent about an hour in Home Depot picking out plants and finding the ideal pots and soil for them. Then, we spent a while longer at home transplanting all of the plants into their new pots and had one very traumatic experience that involved a bamboo plant and gorilla glue. As always, mom saved the day and my bamboo plant is now thriving in his new home along with a miniature cactus and 2 leafy guys. If mere plants were this big of a deal, i shudder to think of what a cat will be like. Luckily for everyone who knows me even a little bit, we're not considering rugrats for another 5 years or something.

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  1. Hahaha. 5 years. Try 3 years. THREE. YOU ARE PREGNANT!

    yep. I just stalked your blog from way back in oh eight.


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