fatigue sets in

today i feel overwhelmed and exhausted. we have a lot to do down at the store before they lay the carpet first thing tomorrow morning and it's looking like it'll be a late night. dave worked all day today and now has a ton of homework and i think i'm still getting over being sick--i just feel so tired all the time. we'll get it done, though--i'm sure of it. my dad just left today and having him here was a lot of fun. he had some really great suggestions for the store and he really helped out a lot. we had scotty, michelle, and hailey over for dinner on monday night along with my dad and dave and i and that was pretty neat--even though i messed up the mashed potatoes. i always enjoy getting a group of people i love together, and these were among my favorites. it was so great to see my dad again and the only thing that would have made it better is if my mom could have come along with him. very happy news--shauna had her baby girl today! i got to go down to the hospital with jillian and take allison to meet her new sister. she was so excited and it was cute to see how their little family has grown. i can't believe shauna has 2 kids now! it seems like only yesterday she was baby sitting all of us kids up at clear lake and i was being a little brat and telling her i didn't have to listen to her. life seems to change so fast...except i'm probably still a brat sometimes ;)

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