humor and class

hailey let me borrow her season 1 of arrested development, and i have got to say, i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. the show is clever and hilarious, and my favorite characters are Gob the magician (far left) and Tobias (fourth from the left). i'm excited to start on season 2.
my husband's taste in entertainment lately is probably a little classier than mine. my mom sent us a frank sinatra album in the mail yesterday, and dave loves it..a lot. we feel even classier listening to it because it's on vinyl and we play it on the actual record player...not on iTunes, or a CD player, or even a tape player. the other big sha-bang in our life today is the lava lamp that came in the mail (!!!). it will eventually reside on the checkout counter of Panache, but for now it's on our kitchen counter and it's amazing. and i'm about to go out to lunch with meeshelle.


  1. one of my favorite shows.
    it gets better with every season.

  2. Ah, yes, growing up is quite the experience. Congratulations on your "mature taste" in life (minus the lava lamp).


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