life lately has continued to be awesome in every way. my mom and michelle arrived on wednesday night and it was AMAZING to have them both here. my mom stayed until yesterday (saturday) morning, and while she was here we got michelle moved in, she went on a bike ride with dave, we did some shopping (typical), and hung out with derek and janalee and their baby quentin, who's probably the cutest thing alive. i was really sad to see her leave. scott (dave's brother) is in rexburg now, too, and my old roommate hailey got in late saturday night. it's just SO GOOD to see everyone again!! we had a bunch of people over for dinner tonight and had potato soup and chocolate/peanut stuff for dessert. i think everyone had a good time and it was nice to have a little bit of a 'family dinner' feel even though we're away from home. i chopped all my hair off last week (see right), so i've been getting used to that, and michelle dyed it for me yesterday because it was still blonde on top and looked like i was wearing a toupee. oh, dave and i have officially been married just over a month now! time flies ♥. i found the picture on the left on my friend kimberly's facebook. it's from her graduation, which apparently my whole family went to. i just thought it was cute and it made me so homesick. i have such an amazing (and attractive!) family, though...i'm lucky.

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