oh my my my

i'm not usually a huge country music fan, but i went to Target today and bought a few CDs, one of which was the Taylor Swift CD... for some reason, she just strikes my musical fancy. anyways, my favorite song for the week is now "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)." Call me lame, but i like the lyrics (click here to see them).
other news from today:
dave had his first day of fall semester today and it sounds like it went really well. he has 1 or 2 hard classes but the rest should be easy for him--the guy's a genius. this morning felt weird with him out of the house, though; i missed him! he finally had to shave this morning because he's back on the BYU-I campus and while i loved his beard, he looks pretty handsome clean-shaven as well. my job hunt continues! The Diamond Gallery is being really inconsistent about keeping in touch with me, and I've decided to take it as a sign that maybe i'm not supposed to work there and commence my search elsewhere. i have an interview tomorrow at this little clothing boutique/hair/nail/tanning salon on main st. it's part time but better than the 0 hours i've been working. i also got my new social security card all dealt with today, so now all the paperwork is done and my name is officially, legally Brandilyn Haynes. crazy. my husband's adorable, by the way :)


  1. You're practicing your "big" eyes look...I like it!

  2. How did you know you wanted/were ready to get married? I'm kind of a commitment-o-phobe. I've been in longterm relationships but I always sort of held it in my mind that I didn't want to marry that person. When I knew you at Be Well, I would have never thought you would get married young. What did it for you? Besides that he's a great guy, because I have a great guy in my life but the idea of settling down scares me. I hope you don't mind me asking it's just something I'm trying to explore about myself and maybe your experience can help me look into it.

    Best wishes by the way! Your wedding photos are beautiful...I saw them on facebook or myspace I can't remember which. I'm glad that you're happy!


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