these last few days have been hectic. we closed on our store thursday night and have been painting and redecorating non-stop ever since. yesterday we finally got all the primer up and can finally move onto the actual paint that you'll see on the walls. we're starting to order inventory soon, which i'm getting nervous about--i want to get stuff people will like! we're excited about getting shoes in there, which not many other places in rexburg have unless you count payless (ha, ha). the top picture is how the store looks right now, after a full weekend of painting, and the bottom picture is how it looked before we bought it. yesterday, scotty, jillian, and her boyfriend tk came to help us paint, tonight hailey and michelle came over and brainstormed with dave and i for a while, and tomorrow i'm enlisting peggy to help me order inventory...thank goodness for friends! we wouldn't be near where we are now without them and i'm very grateful. dave woke up this morning feeling really sick, so i spent the day trying to make him comfortable--poor guy. the picture on the top right is how he kisses me when he's sick, haha. pathetic. hopefully the day of rest he got along with a good nights sleep will help him feel better tomorrow (side note: he got a 90% on his accounting test yesterday. GO DAVE!!). this morning i made him breakfast in bed, and he was clever enough to let me know he was done by clanging his spoon on his bowl to alert me from the kitchen--hilarious. i got to talk to my mom for a while tonight and it was good to reconnect with her; i miss my family and i'm SO excited to go back to california for christmas. side note: i am following michelle's example and pretending i have a cat and for some reason the people in line at broulims get all freaked out when he meows.

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