much excitement in our little household today!! FIRSTLY: season 4 of the office comes out on DVD today, and i'm really excited to go get it. this means office nights at our place will commence THIS THURSDAY, with the last few episodes of season 4 to prep for the season 5 premier.
::::MORE GOOD NEWS!!!:::::
THIS..is dave's new bike. we got a ridiculously good deal on it. he's pretty excited..i like that it's orange. it matches everything in our kitchen, which is good, because it currently resides proudly in the living room to "keep him out of the cold," as dave says. he CLAIMS that it's the same make/model of bike that lance armstrong rides. i think he's full of it.
other good things::

michelle posted some pictures of my wedding to her facebook, and these 2 are amongst my favorites. on the right is the lovely ladies at the reception getting ready to catch my bouquet (chrissy, all the way on the left, is the one who ended up catching it). my favorite part of this picture, though, is michelle and rachel's football stances...they look like they're about to fight for it!!! i'd like to point out that THAT is why they are my best friends. plus, they're totally gorgeous. on the left there is my little brother jake doing what he calls "happy dancing." he danced like that all night! it was probably the single most entertaining thing at my reception. he's such a funny little kid. these pictures make me a little homesick, but mostly happy :)


  1. Don't be homesick. We miss you but you aren't really missing much around these parts lately. Jake still acts like Jake and, well as for your friends, they have forgotten all about us here in Livermore now that they are living it up in their college lives. Pretty much hum drum around here - nothing to miss

  2. I think I might be hiding in the background of that picture somehwere. I miss you lots.

  3. that Jordan Smith comment was mine (Lyssette) I forgot that on our blog Jordan didnt have an ID so I was letting him subsume my identity


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