sleepy bear

i was sick today, and consequently had a lazy day shuffling around the apartment feeling like crud. finally, though, dave and i decided to head over to the store as see if we couldn't be productive.  turns out getting up and moving with a purpose did help us feel better and we ended up getting lots done--with the help, of course, of my favorite brother-in-law scotty. i got the dressing rooms painted and got a good start on tanning room 1 (still can't believe we bought a store with a tanning salon in the back when i don't even believe in tanning), and dave and scotty did lots of touch-ups and ripped the carpet up. the pathetic part, though, is that dave ended up driving me home early because i started feeling really sick again.  my intent was to come home, shower, make myself a cup of tea, and curl up in bed.  once there, however, i couldn't fall asleep and finally decided to just read and wait for dave to get home. once he got back, we ended up having some ice cream and martinelli's, pulling our mattress into the living room, and sort of 'camping out' while watching dumb & dumber.  we didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. or so, but it was totally worth it to have the quality time with my husband :)

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  1. You guys are so cute - enjoy these years of just the two of you. This will be what gets you through all the crud that comes up with teenagers and the demands of real life. I love you both!


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