sticky buns

while my mom was here visiting, she found this delicious looking sticky bun recipe in my 5-ingredient cookbook. i decided to make it for sunday breakfast this morning, so i made the whole thing last night and left the dough out to rise overnight. in dough form, the rolls were tiny--walnut sized--so i thought they'd rise just a little bit over the top of the 8x8 pan and be just perfect by this morning. this was not the case...they had exploded!note to self: use a bigger pan next time. i transferred the dough into a bigger pan, tossed it in the oven, and they ended up being delicious. so that was my funny story for the day..i don't know, i get a kick out of it :)


  1. Those buns do look silly... :P

  2. You should ask your Grandma Sho-sho about that. That same kind of thing happened to her at Aunt Diane's during Christmas last year. It was pretty funny then, too. I guess experience is the best teacher.


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