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a few days ago, a friend of mine asked me how i knew that getting married so young was the right thing to do, and it really got me thinking. i did marry young--about 2 months after my 19th birthday, to be exact. some people might say it's just part of the religious culture i was raised in; mormons do have a tendency to get married at a shockingly young age and start reproducing immediately. i guess my disagreement there would be that i've never been one to 'go with the flow.' i take after my mother in the sense that i've always done exactly what i want, even (and sometimes especially) when it's the opposite of what i'm told to do or what is obviously the smart decision. i'm sure people who don't know me that well (and people who don't belong to my church) probably raised eyebrows or asked questions a little more than people who know me and know dave and i together. for some reason, whenever the subject of marriage comes up, younger people always seem to bring up travel--i'm not sure why. "i don't want to be tied down when i'm young--i want to travel!" i have 2 responses to that. 1.) why wouldn't dave and i be able to travel together? and 2.) how many of those people are actually traveling? the majority of young, unmarried people i know are still living with their parents, going to community college, and working fast food. i'm not stupid or uninformed. i know how high the divorce rate is, and i know what a big commitment i made to dave on august 2. i didn't take it lightly, but honestly, how could i be afraid of spending time and all eternity with my best friend? dave is the most patient, charitable, hilarious, and yes, sometimes frustrating person i've ever known. not only does he remind me of my dad because of the way he talks and golfs and eats wheat thins, but he treats me with all the respect and love i've grown up watching my dad treat my mom with. you don't find that every day. i can't imagine life without him. i literally cannot wait to see where the next few years takes us--we have so much ahead of us, and we get to experience all the really great things (and all the really crappy things!) together.


  1. I feel the same. People say, "You're stupid for getting married so young" or "You'll be hating life and divorced by 25" but if I found love this young, then why not?

  2. Right on, baby. I'm proud of you. You and Dave are so right for each other and the fact that you waited to get married to participate in activities that is supposed to be saved for marriage makes it just that much more special. Our society today is all backwards and it's refreshing to see that someone has the guts to do the right thing!

  3. i think this is something i definitely needed to hear. =]

    this is totally how i feel sometimes and it's encouraging to hear the upside of it.


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