this blog is for my brother because today i am homesick. i was looking through our wedding pictures yesterday and saw this picture and it always makes me miss my broseph. i didn't cry once my entire wedding day until my little brother asked me to dance and said, "bran, i'm gonna miss you." brian and i grew up hating each other, but something clicked once we were both in the teenage years. we drove to seminary together every morning after i got my license and before he got his. we used to dance in the car or stop at the gas station and get breakfast food that would've made mom cringe. brian is one of the funniest people i know--he's always got the family in stitches with his impressions of courtney or his stories about how he got in trouble at school. we went snowboarding with out ward a few years ago and he did a "speedo run"...yes, i'm serious. brian is so many things: he's hilarious, racist, affectionate, inappropriate, often only partially clothed...brian is, in a word, awesome. i admire him for his courage in being himself no matter what company he is in. i've got my fingers crossed real tight for him to come visit dave and i soon so we can go snowboarding together and shout at people from the lifts. i love you, brosef :)

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