"i love lists!"
lovelist: moccasins, my parents, gipper, dave, cupackes, a mini refrigerator stocked with juice boxes (see picture), books, Hot Rod, my mutant thumb, michelle, naps, arrested development, hailey, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, cats, fall/winter weather, snowboarding, changing my hair, boots, snuggling with my husband, finding the perfect gift for someone i love
hatelist: being late, getting out of my warm bed in the morning, forgetting things, sticky uppys (hair), ice, people trying to sell me stuff, that "tonight will be the night that i will fall for you" song, rude teenagers, incorrect grammar, dirty tanning beds, being cold, being away from dave, bad dreams, growing up, rabbit pee, people being super public about their political beliefs (use a voting booth to voice your opinion PLEASE!)
great news: the good outweighs the bad.
it always does. :)

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