i've had the church hymn 'count your blessings' stuck in my head today. the first blessing i think of when i count mine is my husband, so i've decided to brag about him for a little while and i hope you don't mind.
reasons why i love and appreciate david today:
  • he came down to the store to visit me after he was done with classes and took over for a little while so i could go get lunch
  • he totally set up our system for keeping track of inventory and finances and never once complained about the fact that he also had homework and a job to stay on top of
  • he makes the bed every morning i forget to, AND does laundry and dishes so i don't have to come home to a dirty house
  • he is patient with me when i get irritatable or sarcastic, or when i don't have time to make dinner
  • he notices when i take extra time to get ready and tells me when he thinks i look nice
  • he makes an effort to connect with my family: he goes cycling and horseback riding with my mom, plays golf with my dad, talks motorcycles with my brothers, and even admires the 36 million pictures courtney draws for him
  • he scratches my back all the time
  • he leaves me little notes because he knows how much they brighten my day
  • he's letting me get a bunny friend!!

there's many more reasons, but i thought i'd just list a few today :) i do love dave so much and i feel very blessed to have him in my life.

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