i'm not huge on halloween. i think i get it from my mother. she always tolerated the hype when we were growing up; she helped us pick out/make costumes and took us trick or treating and all that. when i was little, i was obsessed with pioneers and my mom actually sewed me a bonnet for my costume, which i think i kept wearing even after halloween. i was kind of a weird little kid who would rather dress up as a pioneer than a princess. anyways. my family lives out in the middle of nowhere--literally. for a while we just drove into town and went around with our friends or cousins, but ONE YEAR...my mother found a way for everyone (including her!) to enjoy halloween. we dressed ourselves and our horses up and went trick or treating on horseback up and down the road we live on. i don't think our neighbors had ever had trick or treaters (did you not believe me when i said middle of nowhere? i meant it). it was a blast. i was a rodeo queen that year and painted a star on misty's forehead, and brian was a dead guy. it really is the main halloween that sticks out in my mind. how many kids can say they've trick or treated on horseback?? growing up rocked.

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