i love my parents

my parents are the best. the picture on the left was taken a few days ago at a halloween party they went to and it shows a side of my dad you don't see very often (except maybe in his high school photos!). i think my dad is hilarious, but he usually comes across as very serious. looking back, the times i remember him being the most excited have been when he's doing something nice for my mom. i have never doubted that my parents love each other very much--my dad LOVES surprising my mom, and my mom loves nothing more than quality time with my dad. i think my dad's type A personality compliments my mom's free spirit. the picture on the left is so cute; it's from a vacation they took together last year and it's my favorite of them.
anyways, i just wanted to boast for a little bit--i really do have the best parents alive. i'm very blessed and they're awesome.
side note: CONGRATULATIONS, MOM on passing your foot zoning finals!!! YOU DID IT!

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  1. Thank you, beautiful. I'm pretty excited about being a "foot rubber". I NEVER in a million years thought I would be excited about touching other people's feet but, hey, here I am, at your service.


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