not only do i try not to discuss my own personal political views, i also get irritated when people are posting theirs all over their facebooks or myspaces or blogs or whatever, so i hope i'm not being hypocritical here. i'm sorry if i am.
today i got a really sad email from my mother-in-law, candy. it was about protesters outside of the oakland temple getting in people's faces and yelling at them as they were trying to go inside. these people were angry because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints took a stand on this very important issue and urged it's members to vote YES on proposition 8 to keep marriage as it has been--between a man and a woman. these protesters were obviously people who do not support this and they're working to get same-gender marriages legalized. i'm sure everyone reading is well aware of all of this; i'm just restating it to make my point, i promise. reading about these protesters this morning made me really sad and i haven't been able to get it off my mind. for a group of people supposedly promoting tolerance for the lifestyles of others, it sure seems to me like these people were being extremely disrespectful towards those who don't share their ideals. their thought process doesn't make sense to me--disrupting people in such a violent and blatantly angry manner on their way to a religious service is going to cause change? doubt it. for what it's worth, the people on their way to the temple did not react in any way--they simply entered the temple as quickly as possible and tried to ignore the protesters.
whether or not prop 8 passes, i really hope more tolerance for everyone's beliefs (from both sides!) can be exercised. we don't all believe the same thing--understatement of the year--but how about we try to be polite about it?


  1. Grandma was telling me this story today too! What is even more sad is when she was watchign the news about this is one of the people they interviewed out of the protesting group was a member of the church and she said she would probably be excommunicated for participating but she didn't care. It just makes me sad!

  2. I am sad that they didn't practice more tolerance though I do believe that by denying Gays the right to marriage is reminiscent of the laws that said that blacks and white couldn't marry. And if that law wasn't repealed, well I just wouldn't be here now would I.


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