last night, we were in the store until 3 in the morning...kill me. we're finally done with all three tanning rooms though (insert BIG SIGH of relief), and it was pretty nice to have a quiet day to watch General Conference and relax. we had some friends over for tacos tonight, which was fun, and now we're back to our quiet apartment with scotty on the way for leftovers :) our inventory is here (MINUS THE GANGSTER SWEATSHIRTS I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT), it looks great, and i'm just about done with the window display. fingers crossed for opening on thursday.


  1. We can't wait to see the store, we are very excited for you guys. I got your comment about coming to visit, please feel free to come over whenever!!! You are the busy one, I am the one who is stranded at my house because I am not allowed to drive or left anything heavier than Brynlee for a few weeks. :) I would love the company.


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