spoiled rotten

i am a very spoiled person, and i realize this. i grew up with parents that supported me in everything i ever wanted to do, starting with dance and tennis and soccer and softball (and many more) and eventually horses, which led into the teenage years and hasn't quite stopped, despite the distance that keeps me off horseback. my mom's way laid back about most everything and usually watched my phases come and go with a "live and let live" sort of mentality unless i was doing serious damage to myself or others. ridiculously bad hair coloring, heavy sarcasm, hideous outfits, boyfriends worse than all of those combined...these were each acknowledged, dismissed, and eventually mocked by my family. i bring all of this up to say that i sort of always knew this sort of tolerance for my whims would eventually end. i figured i would get married (i have) to a sensible, grown-up, and hopefully outrageously hot man (he is) who would simply not tolerate any of this.
let me paint a picture for you. it's 11:30 at night. dave and i are showered, prayers have been said, and our nightly scripture study is done. we're laying in bed about to fall asleep when all of a sudden...i want a cheeseburger. i tell dave, and he is silent for a few seconds. i wait for him to say, 'okay, we'll have burgers for lunch tomorrow,' roll over, and fall asleep. he says, "seriously?" and i say, "yeah." dave gets out of bed, puts on his bathrobe, and says, "let's go." i am elated. i spring out of bed and pull on sweats. dave, in the meantime, is looking for his moccasins, which are nowhere in sight. it's cold outside. he puts his snowboarding boots on, grabs the car keys, and we go to the drive-thru and i get my cheeseburger. i hope dave knows what he got himself into.


  1. I love it. You know I would have done the same for you, probably. I'm grateful that Dave takes good care of my "Oboe Joboe"


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