thank yous

OUR STORE OPENED TODAY!these last few days have been the busiest i've ever had. on wednesday, i was down at the store pricing some shirts and freaking out because i had so much to do before opening. right in the middle of all this, my parents walked through the door...my parents! did i have any idea they were coming? absolutely not. i immediately started bawling. i don't know how we would have gotten anything done without them here these last few days. my mom completely took over inventory; she set up a code system for everything in the store and my dad bravely took on the millions of little handyman tasks we had and made our store look lovely and put together. my parents are truly incredible. these last few days i have felt so completely full of gratitude and love for the people in my life that rallied to help us out:
my parents- for flying out here, surprising us, and throwing themselves into making our store beautiful--literally spending three full days with no breaks working to get us ready for today. dave- for being so understanding when i get grouchy and so brilliant at all things financial and logical and spiritual. michelle (better known as mummy)- for helping to set up an accounting system that even i can use and still appreciating my stupid jokes and being awesomely anorexic and loving every minute of it. hailey- for papering Tuscany in flyers, steaming then ironing everything in the store, providing dinnertime entertainment, and wearing ugly Uggs. courtney- for being the very first person to get a load of flyers and pass them around town AND being the first $1 tanner...and really really awesome. the watterson/wilwand clan- for ALWAYS being there to help out (not just today, but all the time), and having the cutest babies ever, and treating me like family. my grandparents- for sending a really gorgeous bouquet of roses that now make our check-out counter look bright and smell wonderful. dave's parents- for sending an equally gorgeous fruit and plant basket that is brightening up our store and making us feel really, extremely loved.
overall, i can say without any reservation that my life is filled with the most generous and rad people anyone could ever hope to find. i owe everyone i know big time. our opening day was great. a little overwhelming, but great--the store looks good and we had a steady stream of people coming in and out for most of the day. the sign and window display both look spectacular and i'm totally impressed with how the combined efforts of everyone turned our store into something i'm extremely proud to be a part of. Go Panache!


  1. wow!! i want to come see the store!!

    also, that picture of you and dave is stuuuuuuunning.

  2. You are the awesome one, lovey, for taking on such a project. You had a vision and carried it out. I'm proud of you and proud to have been part of yet another wonderful day in your life. I love you more than you would ever be able to comprehend.


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