Things That Made Me Happy Today: A List

1.) the feeling of accomplishment this gave me:
and this:
one down, two more to go...these tanning rooms take the longest. mad props to scotty for helpin' a sistah out.
2.) this sunset. by the way, this is main st. in rexburg where my store is located.
3.) finding this note that dave left under my pillow about a week ago:
(when i take pictures on my macbook you see them backwards. i think you still get the point.)
4.) "when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed." -maya angelou
5.) talking to both of my parents on the phone today--i'm pretty lucky to be hanging with such a cool family for eternity.

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  1. hey, the pictures look great, you did a nice job on that gross tanning room #1, what an improvement!!! Carpet looks great too! You go guys:})} Love ya, dad


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