T . O . D . A . Y
1. my sister-in-law called to chat about a book she's reading. Kristie always cheers me up!
2. my bunny's been friendly, which is rare. makes me feel special.
3. dave came and visited me after his morning classes and before he started working
4. i'm going to make some of my favorite foods tonight: twice baked potatoes, rolls, maybe cheesecake for dessert. . .hopefully add some healthier options in there, too :) side note :: dave just texted me and he'd already started letting the rolls rise so they'll be huge and fluffy tonight when we put them in the oven. . .before i ever told him we were having them for dinner. the man's a genius.
5. i'm embarking on a little craft project to spruce up the store: collaging (is that a word?) the "25% off" and "sale" signs that go on top of our racks with newspaper so they match the "consignment" sign hanging from the ceiling. right now they're mismatched, so this will look a lot better.
6. the weather is cold, rainy, and overcast--i love it like this, before it gets snowy and impossible to drive in
7. i woke up feeling yucky and down in the dumps, but the things listed above cheer me up :)

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  1. And of course your mommy, right? I miss you but am trying to be a big girl about it, princess. I guess you are the reason my shoulder was sore but it's gonna get better now cuz I'm gonna let go!!!


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