boob tube

i. hate. television. may i reiterate that? i hate it! when i was single and had roommates that watched tv, i would call my mom and rant and rave and complain about how mindless and irritating the sound of it was and how stupid and pathetic my roommates looked sitting there, hypnotized by reality shows. i have literally written essays about how much i hate tv. my mother hates television just as much, if not more than i do, so she was quite the sympathetic ear. i have always maintained that the only way i would watch tv shows would be if i bought a season of something on dvd, which works out well for me. i choose a show i want and i watch it whenever i want, so i'm not a slave to network scheduling. plus, there's no commercials AND i get some bonus material on the dvds. my only exception to this disdain is Thursday nights, when some of my favorite people in the world gather together and watch The Office at 8:00. So for one half hour each week, i would watch t.v...and that was it. it really was. until recently.
see, i spend all day every day down here at the store. ideally, i'd be busy helping customers and cleaning tanning beds all day without any breaks, but there is more down time than i would like. since we got the internet, i've started watching America's Next Top Model on the CW website; they put up full episodes a few days after they air. well, i got hooked. i don't know why, but i LOVE that show. i really do. so now i watch two shows each week--ANTM on wednesday nights from 7-8 and the Office on thursday nights with my friends from 8-8:30. really, though, who can resist watching emiciated 18-25 year old girls compete for a modeling contract and the approval of tyra banks? i mean, come on people, there's cat fights and photo shoots and crazy outfits and low self esteem! how am i supposed to resist??! i officially suck.
so, in complete defiance of everything i have been taught, i watch. and i boo at the annoying girls.


  1. ahhh welcome to the dark side.

  2. Lol. I still love you and I still HATE television. When the realtor told us that the house we were interested in has Directv, Dad perked up but I quickly shot his happy tail down in flames with one of my infamous "looks". Nope, there will not be any TV in our new home in AZ. Sorry family!!


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