our sunday night began with the sending of a mass text to everyone we knew. it basically said that if you came into the store and showed us the text, we'd give you a free tan, election day only. we're trying to get the word out about our little store. the sending of said text looked like this:

finally, in the name of sprucing up our beloved store, we dyed the couch slip covers black. this turned out to be both messy, easy, and fun. this is probably the least flattering picture of me that's been taken since my senior year ID card picture--remember that, anyone?

well, that about sums up our night. i'm really enjoying this fall weather and all the things that come with it: pea coats, apple cider, rain, cuddling with dave...although i guess i do that year round :)
side note: sorry about the underlining in the middle 2 captions. can't figure it out..grr..

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  1. What a lovely evening, dahling. You forgot to mention the hour or so that you IMed your favorite person besides Dave in the world. Ahem.


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