mission, etiquette, & twilight

thursday was eventful to say the least.
my best friend (or BF4ENENENENENENENENENENE) michelle got her MISSION CALL in the mail, so we all gathered down at the store (because i couldn't leave) to open it. i think everyone there had someone on their speaker phone to 'be there,' except for peggy, who danced. it was finally revealed (after a mix-up involving baghdad) that michelle is going to be serving in LONDON beginning april 10. !!! does it get any cooler than that?! i couldn't be more excited for/proud of meeshelle. she's going to be an awesome missionary. after work, dave had to attemd this etiquette dinner as part of his business writing class, so he took me along as arm candy (of course). we got all dressed up and went to the ballroom in the MC, where they had a fancy dinner set up. we learned how to dine like humans and how to act in potentailly awkward situations. it was actually really informative and a lot of fun--even though they served ham, which i hate, and mashed potatoes, which dave can't eat on account of lactose intolerance. i would have swapped him my ham for his potatoes, but apparently that's not good etiquette. moving on. a spur of the moment decision was made yesterday that involved a midnight showing of TWILIGHT THE MOVIE in idaho falls, which turned out to be a total blast despite how lame i felt. i went with heather, terren, and amber, who are roommates of michelle and hailey and are totally rad. the picture to the left is heather and i driving to the theatre. we were very excited. hailey met us in idaho falls at like 3 am to go to Denny's for breakfast and i finally got home around...5 in the morning. yikes. dave and i are arizona-bound in 2 days and my little brosef turned 18 yesterday.

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