ode to tacos tepito

my daddy came to visit dave and i about 2 weeks before the store opened to help us out with preparations. i was naturally very excited for his arrival (my dad is in my top 5 favorite people in the whole world!) and started planning meals for when we was here. i knew immediately that dave and i would have to expose him to the taco wagon, a mexican food place that we frequent and hold close to our hearts. i told my dad we were going to have lunch at the taco wagon, and he seemed all right with it--i know he likes mexican food. as i drove up there, though, my dad got a funny look on his face and said, "i thought the taco wagon was the name of a restaurant--not an actual taco wagon." i proudly informed him that yes, in fact, the food that my husband and i so frequently and eagerly devour is made in an actual taco wagon. the food was delicious as usual, though, and i think my dad enjoyed the meal despite it's humble origins.
side note: this picture was taken from inside my car on a rainy monday night (tonight) while waiting for our burritos to be ready. apologies for the poor quality of photography.
tacos tepito, how i love thee!
how i adore thine carne asada burritos,
and the Sangria you sell in a glass bottle!
how i cherish the language barrier;
when i smile awkwardly whilst you converse with my husband in espanol.
how i enjoy the limes thou placest so lovingly in my styrofoam box,
which so strongly bring out the cilantro flavor and clear my sinuses so completely.
and how i love the efficient way you bang on the side of the wagon to let me know my burritos are ready. 
indeed, tacos tepito, i do love thee.

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  1. Um, Daddy's a little pissed off that he is in the top "5" and not the top "2". Guess everyone can't be me!!!


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