poop, consignment, and hope

i sure love my rabbit, but man, do i get sick of cleaning up after him.
today when i left the house for work, the weather was perfect. overcast and a little chilly, but not bitter cold like it will be in just a month or two. i love wearing peacoats and scarves and layers. because of the chilly weather, we're having yet another slow day in the store..come on, consignment, pick up! i'm very excited about this newest addition to our store and look forward to seeing what people bring in and what resells well. as is the new usual, we're going to be closed on monday and i'm excited to head out of familiar rexburg and venture over to idaho falls (whoop de doo! haha). there's two consignment shops i want to check out and see how they run their business, then i'm going to go over to (DRUMROLL, PLEASE) parkwood equestrian center to check out the possibility of boarding my beloved eskimo down there and taking lessons. my mom and i were talking last night (i mention my mom a lot in this blog, don't i? get over it--she's awesome :) about how all i do is come to the store for the day and then go home at night and then...what? i've been feeling like i need to take on a hobby or a project or something. growing up in california, i always had horses and yoga and my friends to fill the non-work or school time in my days. here, though, i don't ride, there's no yoga studio, and i just don't have as much of a social life as i did before i got married--big surprise, right? so we got to talking about this equestrian center down in idaho falls that caters to the exact kind of riding i am so passionate about and the possibility of maybe, just maybe bringing esky here. needless to say, i'm excited to get back in the saddle again, to get some exercise, and be around stable people again--pun intended. har, har, har.


  1. And ride, you will! You were born for this just as I was. It is what makes us come alive and we are at our best when we get to live out our passion! Daddy gave me a little grief about wanting to take my beloved "babies" to Arizona. I know, as well as you do, that Daddy wants his woman to be her best and that is why he is not balking as much as he could or should about that little obsession of mine! You go, baby!!!!

  2. I'm glad eski will be with you. You belong in the saddle as much as I do!


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