i've decided i want to get a basset hound and dress him up like this for halloween:

Winter Semester 2009 is looking like this:

HIST121 - U.S. since 1877
FDREL211 -New Testament
FR201 -Intermediate French (conducted entirely in french...yikes)
ENG251 - Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation
that's 13 credits..combine that with working at the store full time and i'm a busy girl. luckily i'm done by 12:30 every day, and Dave's off track so hopefully he'll man Panache for an hour and a half until i can be there. he's also taking an intro to roping and then a team sorting class for fun on tuesday and thursday nights. he's such a cowboy these days.

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  1. Oh my gosh, he's my boy! I love it. Where we are moving is a totally roping community so you guys simply MUST move there when you are finished with all this madness. Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes. Oh, did I mention that I want you to please say yes?? Oh, and does he need a steed to ride for these activities???


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