super duper

last night i had to stay up until midnight because my day to register for classes is nov. 14 and i neeeeded a french 201 class for next semester (side note: murder me). in order to fill the time, i MADE a bag. yep. me. a "market tote," to be exact. this included a run to the storage unit to grab all my sewing supplies, a call to my mom, and a video on youtube where this cuter-than-a-button british girl showed me how to thread my bobbin... and i was up and running! dave even pitched in and sewed a part of the strap. this one's pretty stinking huge so i think the next one i make will be maybe half the size..i'd like to eventually sell them in the store, once i get better at making them. needless to say, though, i'm pretty pleased with myself.


  1. ahhh!! stinkin cute girl!! i like!

  2. i want one!
    you should help me make one please!!


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