true christmas

just a few minutes ago, a woman walked into my store and started browsing. i started chatting with her and instantly admired how friendly she was--not too many people like to get buddy-buddy with a random person behind the counter, so she had already brightened my day a little bit. she eventually brought a huge armload of consignment sweaters and jackets to the counter, and as i was ringing her up i commented on how it looked like she was getting her closet ready for the winter. she replied that she wasn't buying the clothes for herself, but was actually getting them to give away. i asked her what she meant and she replied, "idaho winters are really cold, so
whenever i notice someone that doesn't have enough money to keep themselves warm
around christmas time, i like to help them out with a jacket or sweater to keep warm. i don't like to tell them it's from me, because people are often uncomfortable accepting handouts. i just wrap it up and leave it on their front porch."
what a great attitude to approach the holidays with. while so many people are getting carried away trying to get everyone on their list the nicest thing possible, she's trying to give strangers something they need but can't get for themselves.
anyways, thought it was cool. i hope it makes your day a little happier.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that. I love it. It's just the kind of thing that makes my heart happy. There need to be a lot more people in the world just like that. Oh, and how is the consignment thing working out anyway? Is it a big hit???


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