artistic license

todays blog is a tribute to the funniest thing to hit the interweb in all history of mankind. i'm serious.
for some reason, the first picture in this series attracted some attention on facebook from the scum of the earth that i call my friends. the mockery of said picture ended in a remake done in shockingly good taste by hailey and scotty. the white substance under hailey's nose is supposed to be crack...because hailey thinks heather looks like a crackwhore when she has messy hair.
i hope all the parents reading this are relieved to see the money they've spent sending us to college is going to GREAT use.
other important happenings as of late:
my twin jaybee got engaged on sunday night! her and tk are getting married april 11 in salt lake and i'm really, really excited for them.
also, as of today, dave and i have been married for 4 months. we're just about experts by now.
and my parents are coming up this weekend and bringing eskimo with them...which means i get to start riding again really soon!

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