this last week that i've been able to spend at home has reminded me of how much i love being here, in 'my' house around people that i just don't need to explain myself to. it's interesting to observe in myself the attachment i have to so few people...i've never ever had a large group of friends. believe it or not, i wasn't part of the 'popular' crowd at my high school (that was sarcasm) and instead always stuck to just one or two friends at a time that i became really close to. to this day, i care deeply about those i've developed a close friendship with years ago...and have sort of forgotten the rest. this might be a bad thing; i just reread that and it sounded really uncaring. i guess that's who i am, though. Uncaring Brandilyn. :)
i care deeply about my family.
i care deeply about my husband.
i care deeply about meeshelle and jaybee and rach.
these are the people i know will always, always, always be there no matter how much time goes by and what happens in that time. they are always just a phone call away...unless they're in india, or london, or something (ahem, rach and shelle).
well, all this to say: i love you guys that have been there for me no matter how stupid i was or am or may be in the future. i hope you know that i have been and will be fiercely loyal to you for eternity, and that i would travel to the ends of the earth to save your butt.
i hope everyone had the best holiday season possible! i got to see my whole family (including my niece ava grace, who is the absolute cutest child alive), eat a L O T of good food, snuggle with my hottie of a husband, shop and take yoga classes with my momma, see some people i can't ever get enough of, and play with the cats at my house. it's been about as good as a holiday season gets.

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  1. I love this family picture of you guys! I hope you had a great time in Cali! Was your mom so surprised when you got in early?!?


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