i literally grew up on horseback and after a while, the sheer joy of seeing a horse wore off. i mean, i was always happy to see dusty, or maverick, or eskimo, but it wasn't the pee-your-pants-look-at-the-horsie type of excitement.
well, i haven't really been around horses for a couple months now (since before our wedding in august) and on friday night my parents brought the beloved, majestic, and athletic eskimo out to idaho. dave and i drove down to idaho falls to meet up with them and i swear, as soon as i saw eskimo, the five year old in me came out.  i think i had forgotten how handsome he was! i was talking baby talk and hugging him and not minding the muddy mixture that comes when you mix "horse kisses" with dust. it was really refreshing to feel that excited about my horse again.
well, tomorrow i have my first lesson at parkwood with my new trainer, sally. a small part of me is really nervous about starting at a new barn; i rode with the same people for 9 or 10 years at windmill and they're the kind of family you rarely find outside of, duh, your own family. but a bigger part of me is just really excited to talk barn talk again, and to walk barn walk (not going to lie, it mostly just looks like a stick up your butt), and to have smelly hands and dirty jeans, and calf muscles that could snap the head of a small child...
well, while the rest of the married people here at BYU-I are posting blogs about their kids rolling over, and millions of pictures of their babies with dessert rubbed into their hair, i guess you can expect pictures of eskimo slobbering from me in the future. it is, after all, what i do :)
p.s. hailey: president poopy pants, you may now be excused to go vomit. 

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