just in case you didn't know, the Kindle works like this: you can purchase books for really cheap, and if you're undecided, you can order the first chapter for free to get a sort of test run and see if you're ready to buy. well, imagine my surprise when i finished the book i was reading recently, went to my main menu, and found the following samples:
-what to expect when your expecting
-economic facts and fallacies and
-the mystic centaur
i burst out laughing because it was just so obviously from my best friend michelle. i had forgotten she had her grubby little paws on my beloved gadget for a while on new years eve and it was awesome to get a little michelle/brandilyn type humor when i'm here in rexburg and she's in california.
i'll be starting my semester reading list soon ;)


  1. haha just wait until you see all the clothes I ordered for your store.

  2. Yeah, Meeshelle! I'll bet they are ALL size 00 and are cute little boy t-shirts. You really are a warped individual but I love you anyway.

  3. I don't know what made me laugh more - the fact that Michelle added books like that to your kindle, or the comment about what clothes she ordered combined with your mom's remark on her fashion sense.


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