it was a hectic morning for me! i had to present in my history class (it went well), take a quiz in new testament (i rocked it), get all my passport stuff turned in, and we got a new shipment down at the store. new shipments mean a couple hours of making inventory codes, entering them into the system, writing out price tags, and reorganizing the store to fit all the new stuff. it's quite the headache, though always worth it when i can step back and see my little store all stocked with colorful, new things. today we got some funny sunglasses, a chapstick stand, and the usual new shirts. we (and by we i mean dave) also put new bulbs in tanning bed 2 last night. on top of all of this, i have literary analysis readings to go over and a play to critique for creative writing due tomorrow. on a day like today, i can honestly say that i don't mind traffic in the store being slow. not only did it give me the time and space to get all this stuff done, i got a few minutes to breathe and talk to my mom for a while. i also got to try an organic energy drink mix , which is working wonders, and eat the pb&j dave made for me this morning (♥).
it's nice to have appreciation for the littlest things on a day like today. oh, and to look forward to going home and having dinner with my husband :)

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  1. Ya know how you always say you worry about being too mushy on here? (I know you didn't in this particular post) I just want to say that it never bothers me. I think it's good for people to be reminded how love can be...and that you should keep appreciating those little things.

    Your enthusiasm will either serve to inspire others to be enthusiastic about their significant others, or force them to ask the tough question, "Why don't I feel enthusiastic about my romantic partner?"



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