the daily grind

Okay, this is a short, unfinished play i wrote for my creative writing class. it's goofy. my teacher liked it and read it loud in class so that made me feel special. it's kind of weird...and i had to change the format all around so it would be easier to read on here. hope you like it...and if you don't, can't say i care too much :) it's called "The Daily Grind" and it was originally a short story i wrote in high school.
Cast of Characters:
THOMAS, the husband; SUSAN, the wife; RALPH, their pug
SCENE: Thomas and Susan’s bedroom. It is a typical bedroom for a middle-aged couple; a few socks and assorted clothing items on the floor, an alarm clock and a few books on each nightstand, and reading lamps on. They have a nondescript bedspread and some decorative pillows thrown on the floor next to the bed. SUSAN is wearing an oversized nightshirt with a grizzly bear and the words “I’m Beary Tired” written on the front. HER hair is in curlers. THOMAS wears a matching striped pajama top and bottom.
TIME: Present day. A Sunday night. About 10:30 pm.
(THOMAS and SUSAN are lying in bed. THOMAS is knitting what appears to be a dog sweater; his fingers move at lightning speed. SUSAN is reading a book, “Studies in Eroticism.” She turns the pages slowly. RALPH the pug lays at their feet, wearing a sweater, making little grunting noises every time he takes a breath and sometimes thrashing in his sleep. )
SUSAN: Oh, Tom, it’s Sunday and we haven’t yet planned our meals for the week. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.
THOMAS: (noncommittally) Oh, yeah. Huh.
SUSAN: If you want to eat this week, I’m going to need some ideas, Tom.
THOMAS: You ask me for ideas every week. Why don’t you put the meal plan together this time?
SUSAN: (exasperated) I do all the cooking around here; would it kill you to help me out once in a while?
THOMAS: Wouldn’t want to risk it
(SUSAN sighs noisily, throws her book down, tosses the blankets off her, and storms out of the room. RALPH wakes from his slumber, startled, and leaps off the bed with a grunt. HE exits the room. THOMAS continues his knitting, only stopping to shake his head once. SUSAN returns with a notepad and pen in hand.)
SUSAN: Okay, Tom, I’ve set aside Friday night to go to a restaurant and Thursday night for leftovers. I just need you to come up with three meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
THOMAS: Okay…(HE seems distracted with his knitting. He ignores SUSAN.)
SUSAN: What sounds good to you? Stir fry? My mother’s casserole recipe?
THOMAS: Not your mother’s casserole. Stuff tastes like crap.
(All of a sudden RALPH comes sprinting back into the room. With a mighty heave, he leaps back onto the bed. He has what appears to be a human foot in his mouth, which he deposits between THOMAS and SUSAN. Blood starts spreading on their bedspread. RALPH starts cleaning himself noisily. SUSAN shrieks, and THOMAS peeks underneath the blankets to make sure both his and his wife’s feet are still, in fact, intact.)
SUSAN: The bedspread! What a mess! RALPH! Where did you find that? I have to clean this—
(SHE grabs a Kleenex from the nightstand and starts trying to wipe up the blood. THOMAS leaps out of the bed, throws on his robe, and sprints gallantly out of the room. RALPH picks the foot up again, leaps off the bed, and follows THOMAS out of the room. SUSAN is left wiping up the bedspread.)


  1. Oh this is priceless! I kinda remember part of it from when you were in high school. I love it!

  2. lol....the pug is hilarious. and the knitting. I definitely "got the picture." haha I knew exactly the little pug noises you were supposed to imagine (or hear were it actually portrayed on stage).

  3. I hope to one day have a life exactly like this!

    While I was reading it I heard your voice haha I loved it!

  4. haha I remember that picture from high school! Love it.


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