sometimes i get down in the dumps thinking about how i don't have annny friends up here in rexburg. but sometimes, like today, i feel like i'm surrounded by some pretty neat people.
the building our store is in is about 100 years old and it's just been passed down since it was built. right now, jim is the owner.

jim has a big, loud voice and he always comes through the store and asks how business is, how i'm doing, how dave is. he tells me how good my store looks. he laughs his big, loud jim laugh. his wife sonja teaches ballroom dancing lessons in the ballroom upstairs from our store and she also knows a lot about fashion and always likes to stop and chat about our new clothes.

val is the hairstylist that works out of the very back of our store. her whole room is decorated in golf things and she calls everyone "kid." val has 2 dachshunds named emma and ernie, and she brings them in sometimes because she knows how much i like to play with them.

gay is our hairstylist that comes for a week every month. she has big black hair and i don't think i've ever seen her in a bad mood. the weeks that she's here are my favorites; we get to chat and she has tons of clients that come in and out and she introduces me to all of them. every time a client leaves she says the same thing: "appreciate ya!"

gay's parents come in and out a lot, too; they see the chiropracter in the basement of our building. her dad walks really slow, and he's had a stroke so often we have the same conversation a few times and he always ends it by saying, "i have a bad memory because of my stroke; i'm sorry if we have this same conversation again tomorrow." i don't mind. he has a pepsi every time his wife comes in to get her hair done, even though his doctors told him not to drink soda. he gets very excited about waiting in the car and drinking his pepsi.

dr. alan smith is the chiropracter that works downstairs. we just call him doc. he wears a funny beanie when it's cold outside (pretty much all the time these days) and sometimes comes upstairs to ask if i can break a 20 for him. he promises to beat up anyone who comes into our store when we're not here. all of his patients LOVE him and swear by him.

happy friday, everyone :) take a few minutes to appreciate the people in your life today!


  1. Thanks for the post Brandilyn! I really needed that this week. With Josh working 14 hour days it is sometimes hard to remember that I do have friends here. If you ever get bored I'm just a mile away and would love the company! :) Of course, I don' tknow how you would be bored between the store and school, but still I'm here!

  2. That was a beautiful post, baby girl. I also loved Shauna Leigh's comment. You are blessed and I am blessed because I have you in my life - even if you did marry Dave (joke). I love you, baby girl. You will always be my Oboe Joboe!


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