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in my creative writing class we have a "surprise reader" every day.  this means that bro. babcock calls on a random person and they have to read something they've written.  since we don't know ahead of time who it is, we all have to come prepared to read a piece.  this forced me to go through a bunch of old things i've written for previous creative writing/english classes to find something worthy of reading. i found so many things i'd written and forgotten about and it was really neat to revisit them again. they felt like old friends :) one in particular was a poem for cabby's class my senior year; it's sort of a dr. seuss-esque thing that makes me smile and i thought i'd put it in here. it's purely for fun and doesn't have any hidden meanings, i swear. 
try and read it 5 times fast..out loud!

dried and daisy-like described her days

such a common chameleon,
careening kisses and cares like
candy-coated incompetence

she...she needed tea to help her see it wasn't me
i was bleak as coffee and never would be melancholy
enough to see eye-to-eye; she's extremely flighty.

racing eyes and speeding cars
swirling salsa skirts stomp resting snow.
seep in the closet,
dance amidst breakfast.
smile just so!
slumber in the leaves and
clasp your hands whilst you are
the smiling genius in this companionship.

don't expect perfection, punctuality, or pride--
plenty of praiseworthy prayers will probably
put people through their paces and
our separate peace is poetic,
so prominent is our pleasure.

the tennis shoes, the table tops
the tumbling turtles, while trumpets toot
and time stops.

ignore the ignorant!
instead, inhale the incense i've lit.
it's indian and insanely inviting;
increasingly invasive in itself.
it can invoke inventive ideas and imaginings to inspire oneself.

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  1. You are so talented, my love. Thank you for sharing. This is a fun piece. I hope you go on to use your talent to enhance the lives of others.


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