i really had the best day ever.
i hope this isn't boring or repetitive of previous posts, but i just have the most contented feeling right now.
  • i got a great night of sleep, woke up early, and had time to do my hair, make a breakfast smoothie, and get to class on time.
  • mallory from the barn called me with some new possibilities about leasing out eskimomo, which i was initially worried about but are really going to work out ideally.
  • my creative writing teacher read my play out loud in class, which made me really happy.  most everyone seemed to like it, too. it was about a couple arguing about their weekly meal plan when all of a sudden, their pug runs into their room and leaves a human foot in between them.  maybe i'll post it later in case anyone wants to check it out.
  • we had a GREAT day at the store, and my friends arienne and hailey both stopped in to see me.
  • i drove down to idaho falls for my riding lesson and eskimo was, as always, an all star.
  • dave and i got subway for dinner, he rode is bike (in the living room), and we have a little while to hang out before we go to bed.
i hope nobody minded me bragging about my great day.  i promise i also have some really cruddy ones mixed in there, too, i just don't like blogging about them.
and if my post didn't amuse you, maybe this rabbit will.  for some reason it's cracking me up.

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  1. It might be interesting to hear about how you coach yourself through a bad day. Ya know,not a post that focuses on why the day was bad, but like how you deal.

    PS Liv. Pub. Library has some Natalie Goldberg...I'm going to check her out. :)


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