semester: commence

i'm taking creative writing! it worked out! THANK YOU, universe! the first class was today.
we got a syllabus. unfortunately, this was in it:

Note: Please don’t do any of the following in class: 1) read the Scroll or
other books or magazines while we’re having class; 2) use the Internet,
headphones, email, electronic pagers, or cell phones while we’re having class;
3) call me a pig; 4) tell me or others in the class to shut up; 5) use racially
or sexually demeaning terms in your speech or writing; 6) see me in my office
alone and ask if you can close the door; 7) ask me if I’d like to come over to
your apartment after class and party with girls who like to have sex with
married men; 8) play 20-minute audio excerpts of someone breaking wind; or 9)
bring newborn babies or small children to class. All of these things
have happened in my class. Let’s have a good time, but let’s not add to
this list.

fortunately, so was this:

"My attitude toward writing in general is like that of a happily married man
toward his wife. Writing to me is not a bright, visualized, sharply defined
desire (as it is to those who wish to write but in fact do not); rather it is
a need, an ingrained experience, so deep that I am not usually aware of it.
Only when the need becomes acute or is thwarted do I realize that for good
or ill I am doomed to be a writer. Just as I am doomed, while I live, to be
an eater and a sleeper and a dreamer. Writing is not my sweetheart;
it is my wife, it is part of me."
--Robert Francis Travelling in Amherst: A Poet’s Journal 1930-1950

my teacher is funny, the class is enthusiastic, and the syllabus looks like a blast. i literally cannot wait.

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  1. OMG! Who is your teacher? I love him already. This class sounds so fun.


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