toasty towels

i had the BEST ride on eskimo last night. he was an all-star. there were five other people in my lesson and we weren't jumping very high at all but still...it just made me feel good to be alive.
after my lesson, i decided to run by bed bath & beyond since i was already in idaho falls. dave and i have begun a renewal project in the hair salon behind our store and i was hoping to find some decent artwork to hang on the walls, you know, something neutral and classy. because i'm a neutral and classy person myself (::insert snort of laughter::). we had a gift card from a wedding present so i was hoping maybe we could use that for the artwork.
keep in mind that's what i went there to find.
what i walked out with was this little gem, found ON SALE:
it's a towel warmer. we put our clean, dry towels in it before we get into the shower and when we get out...they are toasty warm. ever had surgery? it reminds me of those heated blankets they bring you. soothing. it's completely frivilous and in no way something we needed.
but it's 35 degrees outside today. you can bet your little cotton socks it feels good to wrap up in that.


  1. As I read this I was thinking of your laughter when you're joking, but trying to be serious.. and then the next think I see was your insert. Which made me laugh due to the fact I was just thinking about that exact laugh.

  2. Mmmmm. Those towels sound delicious! I'm actually very envious and happy that you made this little indulgence.

  3. I'm jealous. Really. If I had a towel warmer I would feel like Oprah. Must. Have. Towel Warmer.


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