a quick update on life:
i got my little brother, robbie, here for the weekend! it was so nice to see him and to show him all that rexburg has to offer. we went bowling and out to dinner on friday night when he got here and dave let him drive the mustang around. on saturday we woke up early (well, 7:30) to go watch dave's mini-triathlon. then the guys watched the store while i went out to parkwood and rode esky, and we went night boarding at kelly canyon. robbie definitely earned rock star status on the slopes; he was all over the park and kicked mine and dave's butts. sunday was relaxed; we went to church, ate about 1,000,000 slices of toast, took naps, had dinner with the bragues, and watched Hot Rod (one of my top 5 favorite movies ever). this morning he came to classes with me and then caught the bus back to salt lake. the weekend went by too fast and i wish he could have stayed longer! mom and dad, send him back a.s.a.p...and maybe join him next time?? we miss you guys, too.
other than robbie's visit, life is fairly uneventful. we had a great week at the store and still love running it although it keeps us very busy as i also have a full load of classes (history exam today!) and dave has his other job.

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  1. So glad to be getting my Babykins back. It's much too quiet here without him. I'm sooo glad he had a great time with you guys. He so deserves it. He's such a great kid. Thank you for taking him.


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