vehicular malfunctions

last night was just too weird to not blog about. we started off the night by going to the cirque de masque; dave's sweet parents got us tickets for christmas and it was AWESOME! such a fun night out! there were some insane acrobatics; they just blew our minds. before the show we went out to dinner at the red robin that just opened up and that was good, too.
both mine and dave's printers have been out of ink for a while now and i had an english paper due this morning that needed to be printed, so we stopped at the super wal mart to pick some up. we ended up grabbing a few other things and headed back out to the car. we noticed a BAD smell, and as soon as dave tunred on the engine we knew it was coming from our car. the power steering wasn't working at all. we looked under the car and there was red fluid EVERYWHERE...great. dave popped the hood and saw that a cable has burst. there was power steering fluid all over the engine. it was a couple degrees below zero at this point and dave was only wearing a sweater (we had been at the theatre and hadn't planned on being outside longer than to get in the car). it turned out to be a great thing to be stranded outside of a 24 hour super wal mart--we ran back inside and bought a $9 jacket, beanie, and gloves so dave could be outside longer than 30 seconds, along with some stuff (pliers, zip ties, power steering fluid) to try and fix the car. our first attempt at repairing the cable was a flop--as soon as we turned the engine it burst off again. that's when i, being female, burst into tears and called hailey to come rescue us. at this point we had been working on the car for 90 minutes or so; it was about 11:30. she didn't hesitate and jumped in her car right away to come get us (you rock, hailey). just as she was getting there, dave made another repair attempt that seemed to hold pretty well, so hailey followed us (slowly) home to make sure we got there okay. dave took the car to our repair place here in rexburg today and they said that he had done a great job with the car and it was fine; it'll just be making funny noises until the air bubbles work themselves out. we didn't get home until 12:15 this morning and i had that english paper to finish up; i didn't get to bed until 2 am! lets just say: thank goodness for super wal mart and thank goodness for hailey.
oh, and mom? sorry for calling and waking you up last night. and dad...the flashlight in the emergency kit you put in my car last year was a life saver. so thank you :)

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  1. We're always here for you, princess. I don't remember the call so I guess it's all good!!!


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