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there's something about being in a clothing store that just begs for people to be rude. i don't know what it is, but people who are ordinarily decent and polite just go crazy in a store. they pull things off hangers and toss them on the floor, treat the person behind the counter (ahem. read: me) like crap, and shout into their phones about their personal lives.
i really am quite good at ignoring things like that; you can't grow up a Weltz and not have thick skin. most days it never bothers me that people are so insanely disrespectful to their fellow human beings.
today, however, was not one of those days.
i've got intense stomach cramps, a full load of homework on my mind, and really just want to be in my cozy, warm apartment with my hunky man. preferably in sweatpants instead of these jeans.
so when arrogant people walk into my store and treat me like i'm a complete idiot and leave clothes crumpled, inside out, and smeared with deodorant on the floor of the dressing room...on a day like today...
yeah, it puts me in an even worse mood, okay?
people suck...
but i'm making enchiladas tonight and i'll most likely post the awesome recipe after i'm in a better mood.


  1. sorry to hear about a crappy day. I had even planned to come in and see you today, but our poor car had its first trip to the mechanic and we are down to 1 vehicle for a little while so I am home instead. But know that I had very good intentions of coming by and saying hi. :)

  2. That was sooo nice of Shauna Leigh to say. I, too, was going to drop by the Jacob got suspended from school and I just had to be there to pick him up. Just know that I wanted to be there for you. Oh, and I would NEVER leave grossness on the armpit of any shirts I tried on. I love ya babe!


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