whacha do

today i got a text message from my hunky husband that said: "confession.. sometimes i talk to myself when i'm home alone and working." (sorry if that was supposed to be a secret, baby :) i've been chuckling about it all day. there's also this note-thing going around on facebook where you post a note with 25 random facts about yourself and some of the things people say are so funny! they've gotten me thinking about compulsions or just silly habits.
i mentioned one of my compulsions; "when i speak, i group the syllables into sets of 3 in my head and sometimes add in random words to make it even out." when i was younger, i used to think this was the weirdest thing and never told anyone about it. i still do it subconsciously and it doesn't really distract me anymore. i do like things in groups of 3 though, and i'm glad 'brandilyn' is a 3 syllable word...and 'marie haynes (or weltz)' makes it all even out.
my cute husband has a compulsion about washing his hands. every time we go to a restaurant he leaves me at the table to go wash his hands, and every time he sees a hand sanitizer pump (anywhere) he has to use some. it's never bad to have a husband with clean hands, right?
my little brother jake is probably the most compulsive person i know. it would take me a very long time to write about all of his compulsions; from hunting for change in every store to organizing his toy cars and everything in between.
what are your compulsions? do you do weird things? tell me about them!!


  1. I have no weirdness. I'm a normal Joe but if you need to know something "odd" about me it is that I really, really want to eat/cook really organic and earthy food but can't seemm to figure out how. I'm always craving something but can't seem to create it. Go figure.

  2. I group things into 4's. I'll think of a word and then tap the letters out in a box shape in my head. Like..cranberry. It has 9 letters so I'll spell it out again and again until the letters hit the last point of a the box, does that make any sense? Haha! I pretty much only do this in bed when I can't sleep. So strange now that I say it out loud.


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