the other night dave left his car, which i call the 'moostang,' at the store and we took mine to go run some errands. we came back to the store to get some work done and as we were leaving in our separate cars i said jokingly, "race ya home!" i got to my car first, got in, and drove away.
i was halfway home and jamming out to some sweet tunes when my phone rang. it was my husband.
"my car's not starting...can you come get me and we'll figure it out in the morning?" to which i replied, "of course, baby! i will be right there in your time of need because that's how much i love you!" (or i might have just said 'okay.') i flipped a u-turn as speedily as one can on icy roads and started driving.
i was nearing the store when my phone rang..again. it was dave.
"i just passed you. now i'm winning."
you play dirty, dave.
but i'll get you back.


oh, hey!

i think you're smart, pretty, and entitled to your own opinions.

i'd love it if the feeling was mutual!