this is what english homework looks like tonight:
it's not pretty...but dave has informed me that i will be pulling a 4.0 this semester for my 12 (technically making me a full-time student) credits. right.
this is in addition to owning and running our own business WITHOUT ANY EMPLOYEES. if the store's open...i'm there. and if i'm in class...dave's there.
dave has a job separate from the store, too, you know.
and did i mention we're moving? oh yeah, one of the apartments above our store (in the same building!) opened up* and we're moving in...in 2 weeks. i am so excited...slash my head might explode.
and hey, lets renovate the salon while we're at it, okay?
it's not like we need to do frivolous things like laundry, or the grocery shopping, or..um..sleep.
ok but seriously? we're actually managing. we've got the gospel and we've got each other and we've got awesome families (an adopted idaho family too, even!) and we're getting an education and just some good experiences.
and we'll probably look back on this time in 15 years when we have little niƱos running around and say, "we didn't know how easy we had it."
i can already feel a headache coming on...
*p.s.:major love for the bragues for giving us first choice on that one--it's right above our store, close to campus, AND we have a temple view out the living room/bedroom windows. it just doesn't get better than that. you'll be hearing more about this move in coming posts without a doubt.

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