as much as i love my life, i hate, hate, HATE being so far away from the people i care about the most. i hate that my best friend recieved her endowments today and i couldn't be in the temple with her. i hate that she's going to London for 18 months and i don't get to soak up tons of BFF4enene time before she leaves. i hate that my little sister didn't understand why i wasn't at her birthday party. i hate that i've only interacted with my husband's family for a few days around our wedding; they're amazing and i want to hang out with them more!! i hate that my niece walks and talks and doesn't recognize me when i come to visit. i hate that i have to catch up with my parents over the phone.
i hope everyone knows and remembers how much i love them even though i'm not there to say it in person every single day. this part of growing up sucks.


  1. I am sorry you have to go through this part of growing up. It really is tough I know! I was here many years before siblings moved out this way. If you ever want some family time please bring Dave or just yourself if he is busy and come on over! We would love your company. Especially after 7 when we put Alli down we are always looking to play games with other couples!!!

  2. I miss you too! And we can always go to the temple together when I come and visit.

    And I don't see why you aren't able to come to flat and stay for a couple months in London. It's not really that far away.


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