i beg your pardon?

there's a girl in my u.s. history class who is probably one of the single most irritating people i've ever met in my life. every time we meet for class and have a discussion, she starts spouting off about something completely irrelevant, makes up facts, and yammers on for wayyy too long. everyone in the room (the professor included) gets really annoyed and pretty much just waits for her to stop talking. today, we were talking about military racial segregation during WWI and she started going off about how it was exactly like the segregation homosexuals are facing today. she talked for a while about how she's from liberal california so she's open-minded to alternative lifestyles, but most people aren't and they persecute gay people...anyways, my point is, she gets totally off subject--this had nothing to do with WWI--and her facts aren't straight. the thing that scares me is that she thinks she's making brilliant and groundbreaking observations while the rest of the class rolls their eyes and waits for her to be done. kind of makes me wonder how many times i've been the one talking out of my butt in a classroom...yikes.

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  1. Baby, you NEVER talk out of your butt! You are always spot on. Don't let anyone ever tell you anything different. (I know what you mean, though. My favorite is when I'm talking about something I think I know a lot about and then realize that the person with the person I'm talking to is like an expert on whatever subject I was yammering on an on about. Yeah, that would be my favorite situation)


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